12 April 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Christian Article


The Lord Bless you, enfolding you in His arms deepestfound Heart affection ever told. Seemingly bleakly mired in disarray the Love told so dearly O who can dismay? His ever Love shining in simmer bright array, bringing Life for us and all. He’s Blessings burn so Bright the innermost inward parts of deepest soul.

The Lord Keep You, because that is where He found you, ever embrace so ever too dearly it is so, no heart can fathom His Heart, His will, everlasting hope to a Heavenly abode. He is your front, He is your rear, in His arms He holds you dear.

The Lord make His Face Shine upon you, O so dearly bestowed upon, never fainting in the daintiest of slightest Love, who can ever Tell? O, who can know, everlasting enduring Light never sees end of day.

The Lord be Gracious, a Grace seldom few ever fathom or even claim. from the earth, every miry sever clay, Breath, you, a Living Soul, born a man.

The Lord lifts His Countenance upon you. Never any a kind of sort feel dismayed, He loves you dearly O, so Graciously found in the dimmest day.

The Lord Give you Peace, Oh no, this sort and kind is of another, Heaven’s abode, so dearly comfort tender Heartfound, no fear, He’s Peace ever so near.

All of the Above forever more…every day!

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