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We live in a maimed, broken, and fallen world because man disobeyed God, people are hurting and don’t understand why they are being hurt. Many people are silent sufferers.

Satan, the only thing that drives him is to kill, steal, and destroy, that is his job description, he is not just the father of all lies but also a murderer and one since the very beginning, never been on the side of Truth.

A demon can not affect anyone or anything without a host and therefore is in a state of “seeking” a host in the form of people, and believe it or not even animals to express or manifest themselves. Other than that they have zero authority over you and only in a state of observatories

With the Christ factor in you, you are safe, and in no need of fear or panic, they “may” not touch you as a born-again believer.

The world is in pain, for some the pain is just too unbearable, rendering some in a state of feeling suicidal and willing to end their life.

Did you know that every 40 seconds someone somewhere commits suicide? People are in pain and endeavor to fix it with all kinds of additives such as pills or even street drugs.

It was confirmed to me personally that 53% of all people walking into doctors’ offices suffer from psychosomatic disorders or are caused due to stress triggers which “may” also include the demonic.

Benzo’s or pills taken into the bloodstream may be a sense of calm periodically and one may feel a sense of relief. But when the pain is ever too undeniable, some go back to the pills.

These chemicals may give a temporary sense of calm but God is the only One that can Heal you from your brokenness.

The next few words are carefully and sensitively chosen, you know, maybe you lost a child, a husband, a wife, or a loved one, and you have come to a climax that resorting to pills is the answer.

It is not.

I understand you have pain, but the pain that you feel needs to be addressed by the one that created every single molecule of your being including the spiritual and emotional (soulish) dynamics.

God sees your pain, and today, I reach my deepest love and sympathy towards you for your loss in life, take my hand, and let’s decide to rely more on the Lord.


The problem is, it is just so that an individual with depression has a skewed perception of God and honestly believes God is not who He says He is or that God punishes His children with sicknesses, diseases, car accidents, and the sorts.


God does not bring His children in line with sickness in hoping you would become a more pleasing obedient child! And once more, NO!

It is never God’s will for a child to die.

God save me the day that I EVER have to hear a minister or Pastor say it was God’s will for the child to die. That is a lie.

Maybe you are shattered inside and have lost a child or sibling, and you’re struggling to get past the point of actually believing: “It was not God.”

I have been suffering from Schizophrenia for the past 25 years to a very serious degree, I have spent over 800 days in mental clinics, had 32 ECTs (brainshocks) hospitalized 37 times, and 5 times in ICU for suicide attempts. 

Do I qualify to question God? Yes! Am I allowed to Question the Lord? Absolutely, but pills won’t solve the problem; they can only suppress it with a very long list of “side effects.”

I drink ten pills at night, about twelve in the morning, and another ten during the day just to cope. 

This isn’t fun at all; my life is a living hell. Who of you can relate to me? If you can, you should also agree that pills are not the fix. period.

I have realized that God is not always involved on a microbiological level and life may surely seem unfair. 

And so there are many unfair things in this world we find ourselves in, like: “sex slavery, human trafficking, rape, molestation, sexual abuse, etc.

How can we ever place this with God, I must ask? If you live with pain emotionally or physically, God is your ultimate answer, but you also need or need to seek medical help, but why?

Ever had kidney stones? I have had it twice; the pain is so excruciating and rated worse than giving birth to a child. Now, I can’t say: “no kidney stones, oh; no, no kidney stones; that would place me categorically under the classification of being a glorified idiot.

Am I compromising in saying this? No, the medical fraternity has saved millions of lives, don’t be an idiot and refuse medical help to assist temporarily in whatever medical dilemma you might find yourself in.


This day, God understands the pain you feel so undeniably real.

Reach to Him for help and to direct you to the best possible treatment for your condition.

I hope this message helps you today.

Much Love, Jaco

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