12 April 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
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One would most assuredly expect the absolute opposite to the title of this article. Love is the most powerful expression or if you will force known to the ALL.

The Word declares: “Love conquers all”.

Having this force in hand leaves us with quite a remarkable responsibility.
I gave this article much thought and came to the ultimatum, the only thing that has the possible ability to break your Heart is Love.

A broken heart, sharing the issues of the Heart with another, and having them walk it into the ground, breaks a heart.

Be extremely cautious who you SHARE YOUR HEART with, this could be because you feel you can trust the person, a person you truly love. And in many cases, you lose bit by bit of your Heart, sincerely seen that people are careless with your inmost heartfelt feelings.

This rebound effect can cause a person to become sick of Heart, and cause one much pain unspeakable. Yes you love the person, they might play the part, but yet still, take great care before you entrust your Heart with them.

Love carries such power, hopefully, used to embrace in truth, yet the opposite, destroy you completely. Show others your whole Heart, you could be lining up for what could ultimately ruin you.

Once you have shared the secret of the Heart with another, means you have taken this entity into your trust and can trust such one or persons.

One of two things can happen, either they embrace you or put your heartfelt aspirations down the paper shredder. Leaving you helpless and lost. If you have successfully unveiled your Heart and shown that which truly lies nearest to your Heart, this is not wise.

The Word of God says in the Book of John, Jesus did not entrust himself to them, because He knew that which is in the Heart of man.

Most of your intentions might be pure, but when your Heart breaks, then you would become what we call:

“A broken person”.

A broken person in all honestly cannot be better described as being broken.

From personal experience, the only reason why I can type this article is simply that I am a broken person. It has been 25 years and I am still recovering. A broken person can on the opposite only be restored with LOVE.

Love can either make you or break you. In most cases, I think most people get broken. But thank God that He is sovereign and heals the brokenhearted, He will give you beauty for ashes, a heart of flesh for a heart of stone.

You can heal from your brokenness, by one means only…. Love. We know God’s Heart for us, it states it in the Word: “I know the thoughts I have towards you, thoughts of peace and NOT TO HARM YOU, to give you an expected end.” That is what the Word says.

In conclusion. Be cautious with who you share your inmost feelings. If you should, share them with God and God alone, cause friend, He is the absolute only one you could truly trust!!!

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