12 April 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
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It amazes me how slowly and surely but yet extremely subtle the enemy degrades us from the desire to want to live. In the innermost part of our being, we simply had enough.

And this is exactly the audience I am writing to.

I shared the following with my Pastor. As some of you know, I have been suffering from Schizophrenia for the past 26 years. I too had enough of this life.

So classicly I hung up the noosed rope and placed the chair in its spot. Then I lay on my bed before the jump, asking and begging the Lord:

“Please forgive and understand Lord”.

I then asked the following, Word for Word: “Lord, one part of me wants to jump, the other part wants to stay, which part should I listen to? Ever so kindly the Lord whispered in my ear:


That would be my family, Pastor, etc. I did not jump, otherwise, I would not be here to write this message…LOL

Did you know that every 40 seconds someone around the globe commits suicide?

OK, so you have successfully arrived at the place in your life where it is not just about you anymore…well done! You are fortunate enough to realize that firstly it is not about just you anyhow.

Some of us are the absolute opposite, we try and find a reason to wanna live. And for you, I have a deeper understanding and can sympathize equally.

See but, instead of trying to find a reason to want to live, amid the struggle and turmoil, you may see everything through darkened glasses.

Take the darkened glasses off! Open your eyes, I need you to perform a mind shift! Towards the greatest purpose to live for, and that my friend is not to live it for yourself, but for others.

If you only live to obtain unto self your life would be a very unhappy one indeed! You have to know that even if you have been living with the desire to die, we can turn this whole thing around for you.

In the process of the mind shift, I want to you place your eyes and focus on the only person and deity by whom the worlds were formed, who knows your frame and frailness. Keep a steady watch on Him, His name is Jesus Christ.

Without beholding the blameless Lamb of God, you firstly will not love yourself, and ultimately be careless about others around you and their needs.

For us to acquire more Love for people, it initiates placing our aim at the Lord Jesus Christ.

You surely have no other real reason to live, other than putting it at the feet of Jesus. He knows you most certainly better than you may think or even fathom…He has counted the hairs on your head, He is acquainted with your grievances and sorrows, He knows. He knows.

This race was not designed for one runner only, only one can win but we all strive to the finish line and beyond. I surely do hope you realize early in your Christianity that this is not a one-man show!!!

God delicately and specifically inscribed in us the need to be co-dependent on others.

You cannot set yourself FREE!

You might feel like conquering the world for the Lord, but hey! You ain’t gonna get this right by your lonesome… You need others, others need you! So stop trying to figure out why you should live or die, but lay it down for others.

I want you to know, please don’t see my message as a rebuke! No…rather embrace it soonest to rid yourself of much pain and sorrow. Cause this world was not created just for you! We need to consider this and have a closer look at the bigger picture.

I don’t know about you, I pretty much think God loves unity across cultural boundaries and races. You see! No one is more superior to others. You were formed in the womb, and right there at point start God loved and instilled a dream in your life.

I am not going to tell you that God loves you just out of the sheer need to emphasize this reality that everyone knows already, but yet to experience for themselves. When The Lord Jesus instructed His Disciples, He made it very clear, first home base (Israel) and then unto the uttermost parts of the world.

Here is a bigger plan at work than what one would have expected. I must stress! The Lord said: “To the uttermost parts of the World”. Hey! That includes you too! And not just you, others too! Please cultivate a heart after and for God and surely you will soon discover a newfound love for people.

Some are greedy and selfish and live for no other reason than for themselves, this is a sad scenario indeed! How uncertain and unhappy such one is, true?

I want you to open your eyes in Jesus’s name and turn your focus on HIM. In a nutshell….please, if you don’t wanna live this life for yourself…live it for those around you.

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