12 April 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Christian Article


We are called as Light set on a hill. Are we shining in the Light? No, we are set high, giving Light for those in darkness. Take a pitch-black room, light up a candle, and see the Light pierce the darkness.

You are a Glow with the Love and power of God Himself. Before hence time, you were in darkness now; you are set alight to bring Hope to a broken, lost, and darkened world.

Shine, shine, shine. Glow for the world to see. Like the moth to the flame, so let your Light shine. Burn for Jesus, and people will come to watch you burn. The most complex and seemingly impossible task is trying to hide the Light that so shines and Glows in you.

It was said: “Everyone should preach the Gospel, and if needs be use words. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

If we formed part of some religion and some form of a belief system that is just the Letter without the Light, it would have no means or profit to those around us; it is for this very reason that we have the ability to shine! We have the Light; we, my friend, have the POWER!!!

There is a dual impartation, the restoration by God’s breath, and the POWER that is from ON HIGH. Look, not all are called to serve in the office of the fivefold capacity. But we have this in us to at the least Love one another and let Jesus Shine!

Glow! Glow! in the Dark. We can’t glow in the Light; the fullness and radiance are in and in the full splendor and demonstrated in the darkest.
We are not some bless one another club. Everyone imparting to one another. Get amongst the cast out, broken, and those seemingly in the deepest darkest hour of their lives.

Are we truly serious about our Christianity? I mean, my friend, we have the correct Lingo and clichés. We know all the hit Bible verses, but let’s look at this, really?

Eternal life is at stake here! I can’t imagine loved ones enduring eternity separated from God. Even worse still, burn into all eternity in hell. Do you understand the gravity of the situation?

The world to this point has simulated a world with all its hustle and bustle, every ounce of strength, each moment consumed on everything else except the main reason, Glowing for the Lord Jesus.

We are here momentarily on planet Earth; you WILL DIE! Most people won’t even wink an eyelid at this saying. But the God honest truth is, you will exist into all eternity…

There is an eternal life hereafter. If any of us believed this in any form or degree, we would be going about glowing wherever we go! And that is our commission…GO AND GLOW!

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