12 April 2024
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I wish I could extract all the truth about God and lay it on a table before you. One of the most extraordinary miss conceptions of God is His nature and intent.

See, friend, you may be stuck with this idea that God is out to get you. Hardly so! How we love to point out God’s wrath and anger, that is not His Heart.

Please allow me the opportunity to introduce to you your God! He’s Goodness never fails, abounding in Love, Grace, and Mercy.

It is 100% not His will to inflict harm on you or your family. I have heard some people stating that God disciplines His children with sicknesses like Cancer, Coronavirus, car accidents, and so forth.

Please allow me to correct this, God does NOT harm his children with sickness hoping that by some means they would become better children.

I look at my earthly dad, it is 100% his will that I will be healed and restored. He would never wish me any harm in any nature. Why do people get sick then?

Well, there is a series of reasons for giving to a sick person.
In many a case, people may be ill for various reasons, one given is that it may be inherited from the gene pool of our predecessors. Another, not caring for oneself.

Please come to grip, God does not want you dead, He wants you pretty much alive! One thing I can assure you of is this, God does not give Cancer, God does not give the Caronavirus, or even allow infirmities or the sort to discipline us, or to teach us a lesson, no, He does not do that!

God does not bring His children in line with sickness and disease. We live in a fallen world friend. Let me try and summarize this in a few words:

“This World is utterly lost, period”.

Yes, we have the white picket fence dreams as children, the little house with the sun shining, mommy, daddy and the little doggie wagging its tail.

But this is seldom or never realized.

You need to understand, that your intentions are pure as a child and it is good to have such aspirations. But please call everyone 30 years and older, they will put it very bluntly to you, there is seldom a happy ever after in this world.

If it was so, then there needed not to be any reason for Jesus Christ to die for our sins. God looked at this world, saw its misery and strive, realized that we needed a savior, and sent his only begotten Son to die for it.

Jesus was one of the most controversial persons in His time. In so much that they sought to kill Him. It was very unlikely for the religious system of the hour to recognize that this was indeed the long-awaited Messiah. They expected Him to appear in a completely different kind, form and fashion.

But He came as a babe, to secure our place in the life hereafter. He came screaming into this World and left screaming, paying a very real price for you and me.

The white picket fence dream is, unfortunately, a nice idea, but we live in a fallen world, with sickness, disease, and the sort. I have Good news on the other hand.

Even though we are fallen creatures living in an imperfect world. Jesus Christ, the only perfect and sinless person gave it all for us on Calvary. My friend, today, come to terms, the only means by which a man can be saved is through Jesus Christ.

Without the ultimate Gift on the Cross, you and I will not taste true Life. Are we part of some religion…no!

We have recognized the reality that we need a savior. He came in a means and form as unlikely as it may have seemed, a babe in a manger, in the most humble of settings, a stable.

He is still very much alive and well. He gave His absolute utmost for a fallen world and expects the same in turn. He wants to complete the work in you He came to start in the first place and that is saving you friend from eternal separation from God.

Life is so short and so very much fragile, why not give him your Heart?

If you are unsure whether you are saved and you say: “Jaco, show me how” then I need you to pray the following prayer with me.

“Abba Father, I am a sinner, in need of a Savior. Thank you Father for Jesus Christ that paid the ultimate penalty for me on the cross for all my sins since the day of my youth. Father, please forgive all of my sins, I believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus would you please come and live in my heart, and give my heart a home, I invite you to be the Lord of my life. I surrender myself to you Jesus, my Lord. I am so dearly in need of you and want you to be part of my life. In Jesus’s name…Amen”

If you prayed this prayer with me, then I welcome you into the Kingdom of God. You are now a Christian, born-again. It gives me quite a thrill to see a soul come home. You no longer need to fear death, ever again. You need to join a good vibrant Bible-based church and pursue a Christlike life. You will never be the same.

With the Authority of God bestowed on me, I now bless you and usher you into the Kingdom of God.

You are saved!

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